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Origin: Asia


Description: It is a perennial shrub that is apart of the nightshade family. The root itself is able to be found in the wild and cultivated and has been described as having a bitter, sweet, astringent flavor that can be energetically warming (mildly). It is considered to be a good grounding and nurishing herb that is supportive to femal well-being.


Uses: Used as an adaptogen and tonic. Can be tinctured, encapsulated, or added to culinary recipies. Helpful sleep aid and way to balance other various conditions such as stress and overall cognitive health.


**DO NOT use while pregnant without the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner! Contact Wendy Welder (BSN, RN, MS of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Formulation and Holistic Nutrition) for additional assistance.**

Ashwagandha, Root (Withania Somnifera)

1 Pound
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