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The Maddest Hatter’s Tea Shack
and Herbal Apotheke

The Tea Shack portion of SSF is the culmination of several years of graduate work by Wendy. She has her Masters of Science degrees in Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Essential oil formulation, and Holistic nutrition as well as multiple graduate certificates. She has spent the last 20+ years as an Emergency RN/BSN and wanted to take human healing to the next level. Her schooling was done because of her love of plants, and the beauty and effect they have on the human system as a whole. 

The Apotheke (apothecary) and crude herbal products sold and used by Southstar Farms are obtained from Mountain Rose Herb in Eugene, Oregon. Wendy is delighted to be an registered distributor for Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose has a long history of commercially providing only sourced and organically grown herbal components. This helps the herbalist design products for many needs or to concoct flavorful herbal products for others. As an experienced nurse, she also has and understanding of many medical conditions and the interaction that herbs have. Wendy is delighted to be able to work with you to address any herbal needs that you may need. Herbal consultations are available apon request.

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