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SouthStar's main objective is to create a relaxing and enjoyable nature-based atmosphere ...

SouthStar Farm has set aside 8 acres of our land for public use. SSF's is also a medicinal herb sanctuary and a forest farm that is specific to Iowa. Our property was once a junkyard, and we are continually working on restoring, repairing, and returning it to what it ecologically once was. A large part of this is restoring the Bur Oak Savanna that was once a major deciduous species that stretched from the top of northern Louisiana to Canada though little remains of this primordial forest today.


Things of value and worth only have meaning when shared. Because of this, we have cleared areas for tent camping sites on the east side of our property. Amenities at this time include walk-in and out campsites. Each primitive site will either have a fire ring or will have access to the communal fire pit.  We have flushing toilet facilities. These facilities are available at a central site and not far from the garden area and shop. A cabin for rental will soon be available.

Tent Camping: Each tent site is a carry in, carry out spot and perfect for a four man tent...maybe a little bigger.  There is a communal toilet and spots for bonfires. Each site is secluded from view from the other sites. There is a sitting area by the pond and a lovely place to sit for morning coffee. Each site is 20$ a night for a place to park a car and one tent.  (Sorry - no vehicles at the campsites and are keeping it as small of a footprint as possible) Call today for reservations :) 

From junkyard to a place to share 

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