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    With several years of both professional and personal work experience  in the arena of human health and wellness, I offer private consultaions are available to support the individuals overall health and fitness goals.

     My services include holistic diet coaching, essential formulations and arotheraptic use of essential oils. I will integrate herbal and vitamin supplementation into the diet plan with the overall goal of helping you with your lifestyle redesign and attining any health goals you set. I will tailor food, herbs, essential oils and psychological support and encouragement based off of your personal preference. This comprehensive health and wellness analysis includes dietary planning, supplement suggestions, and self-care activies planned and tailored to client needs, lifestyles, and current health status. 

    The initial consultation can be done by phone, at the Southstar Farms shop, or by zoom and at your comfort level. Please calll for pricing and service menu (719) 660-5513.

Private Consultations

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